Joyce Jones is the founder of Joy of Dance Center. It is the result of a vision developed from many years of involvement in the ballroom industry. Joyce believes that dancing is a significant counter for the many ills facing our society. She says words cannot explain the JOY of dancing and must be experienced much like an existential encounter, which provides the opportunity to connect another human being. In order to bring this Joy of Dance to you, she recognized that skilled and competent teachers were needed. To this end she initiated the Joy of Dance Centre Ballroom Academy program. This course, taught by a faculty of professionals, provides graduates with recognized certification in the International Standard and American Smooth and Rhythm styles. Joyce wishes to thank and acknowledge Diane Jarmolow the originator of this new system of certification. Diane is the founder and current National Director of the Ballroom Dance Teachers College in San Francisco. Joyce attributes her entrepreneurial spirit to her mentors, Dr. D.J. McCulloch and Professor Farrell Toombs (University of Toronto, Department of Psychiatry). They encouraged her to go where angels fear to tread. Joyce has been a trailblazer in family therapy, working with learning disabled and autistic children. She was also one of the first initiators of group therapy observed behind a one-way mirror by a team of professionals from all over Canada.

One thing she knows for sure is...........

"Man wishes to be confirmed in his being by man, and wishes to have a presence in the being of the other ..... secretly and bashfully he watches for a YES which allows him to be and which can come to him only from one human person to another." Martin Buber




CEO & Dean of Academy

Jennifer Jones steps into her leadership role with both feet. She walks the talk, which comes from a core belief that good business is founded on solid connections and good relationships. She also believes that everything you do should be based on what you love and encourages others to live and work their passion. Jennifer’s love of dance and performance began in early childhood and stayed with her. Her passion for dance combined with her natural qualities in leadership has placed her in academic and corporate management roles in Canada, Chicago and Ireland. With over 20 years of experience in business and the arts, Jennifer embraced the opportunity to co-own and then become CEO and Dean of Joy of Dance. Joy of Dance is more than business; it is home for every person that comes through the door to find the most direct path to JOY. Jennifer is a 6-year board member of Danforth BIA and newly elected board member of Career Colleges Ontario. She is also the Chair of the Prince Edward Viaduct Bridge Lighting Project planned to be unveiled at the ceremonies of the Pan Am Games in July 2015.


Studio Manager

Kim’s long-standing history in dance and managing dance studios and gyms has served her well. At age 13, she went to Randolph Dance Theatre. By 14, she was a performer and the assistant choreographer for Lisa Lougheed’s national tour. Kim’s dance experience spans both on and off stage. She has worked with Kevin Pugh, Dance Teq, Randolph Dance Academy, and is a graduate of the Earl Haig Performing Arts program where she continues to share her choreography with future performers. As manager of Joy of Dance Centre, she is responsible for the day-to-day operations, systems, administrative staff, class scheduling, and studio rentals- no small feat with the demands of her popular kids/teens dance classes. Kim is a graduate of Claude Watson/Earl Hague Performance Arts Program, RAD (Royal Academy of Dance), BATD (British Association of Teachers of Dancing) with honours and highly commended. Kim is known for her commitment, sense of humour as well as her take no prisoner approach, which is what makes her such a popular teacher at Joy of Dance Centre

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